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Airports in Oman

Muscat International Airport

Muscat International Airport is situated only 30 km far from the city center of Muscat. A few years back the airport used to look small, not because it occupies 5000 acres area but it only had 1 major runway for its passengers and cargo facilities.

Now the scenario is entirely different after a renovation took place in 2017. Tons of amenities have been added along with the old ones, such as a new terminal, multiple-check in counters, new air traffic control tower, currency exchange, ATMs, duty-free shopping, and a lot more. For the comfort-loving fellow, the airport has a luxurious lounge as well.

Other common transport facilities are also available outside like bus stoppage near the airport terminal, official Mwasalat taxi office at the terminal, car rental, and parking. Hiring a taxi might be a bit expensive option here, so to cut down on the budget, easeful public transports services are better.

Duqm International Airport

This is a gigantic airport with the capability to hold thousands of passengers per week. The airport is 8600 square feet vast with double aerobridges. On average annual statistics, more than half a million passengers bump into this airport. There is very little possibility of facing a crowded terminal here as it has plenty of check-in and immigration counters. Aside from that, dual three-lane broadways are merged here with the refineries.

There are also regular facilities including prime class lounges, nearby public transports, and multiple check-ins. However, the airport might seem a bit small compared with the other ones but this airport features a wide-open space and very organized departments.

Salalah International Airport

Salalah Airport is a convenient option for travelers who are always in a rush because this is one of the best airports in Oman to get international flights as well as domestic ones.

The airport was first introduced as an international one, then during the renovation in 2011, its capacities were increased with extended features, including 4 broad runways, organized taxiways, an ATC tower, and a lot more. For the ease-loving passenger, this airport has exotic and comfortable private lounges.

Duty-free services have a great presence at this airport. Even the first-class passengers of this airport will get the air-conditioned airbridges. The most amazing perk of getting a flight on this airport is that passengers will never feel the scarcity of parking space. Overall, this airport offers every aspect of modern airport aesthetics with the best construction and transport facilities.

Sohar International Airport

One of the modernized airports in Oman is situated at 10 km northwest distance from the city. As it has 5600 square meters area and the capability of handling half a million travelers annually, so passengers here feel comfortable enough. The airport has a 4 km runway of asphalt along with 4 boarding bridges and multiple booths. It can also be considered as a gateway to the country. The common airlines in service of Sohar International Airport are Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, and Salam Air. Besides the regular services, the entire airport looks great at night as it is vivid and cleverly constructed with a curved roof and subtle design.

Khasab Airport

Getting around the harbor city Khasab was a challenging task but not after the Khasab Airport was constructed. The airport has a long runway of 8200 feet. Under the shade, passengers will find here a few check-ins, luggage belts, and more. To be honest, this is not the best airport in Oman but it will give passengers a great experience of enjoying an old airport vibe. Reaching this airport may require domestic transit but direct international flights are available here as well. Now, it may seem like an ancient airport but the fact is that the airport also has all the modern facilities but in a classic way. Apart from that, landing on this airport will be a whole new level of experience with high hills surrounding the runway.