Popular Tourist Attractions in Oman

Jebel Shams

Situated in northeastern Oman, Jebel Shaks is the highest mountain in the county. For mountaineers or casual hikers, this is a must-visit place in Oman due to its breathtakingly beautiful view and the adventure it offers.

To cater to hikers with different fitness levels, there are multiple trails to the mountain. One can also choose to roam around the island and simply relax in the swimming pool. Camping outside to enjoy the starry night or residing in a chalet is also available here.

Qurum National Park

If you are traveling with small children or elderly people, a trip to the Qurum National Park will do the trick – treating every member of the group in the best way possible. Located in Muscat, this park is a green oasis that is perfect for a family picnic, casual hiking, photo sessions, and relaxing away. As there are still games and Electric rides alongside the mangroves, both adults and younger can enjoy the day in their own ways.

Although the park is peaceful and during the day due to its exceptionally beautiful scenic landscapes, at night it adorns itself in bright lighting shows and vivid water fountains. This is why the trip to Qurum National Park can be taken during the evening as well.

Wadi Ash Shab

To enjoy a thrilling adventure on a hot day, a trip to Wadi Ash Shan may be the best decision when one is touring in Oman. Situated at about 1.5 hours driving distance from the capital city, this is another popular tourist attraction in Oman due to its stunning visual and numerous outdoor activities.

Once you reach the beginning of the hiking trail, you have to take a boat ride to reach the first pool. The trail involves climbing boulders, crossing narrow canyons, sandy pathways, and more. After 45-minutes to an hour of hiking, you can cool down in its clear blue water pools and swim along the poolside. There are 3 pools in total and once you reach the end, you will be greeted by the Wadi Shab waterfall.

This amazing day trip will require proper clothing and accessories, including hiking shoes, swimwear, waterproof goggles, towels, and other similar items.

Nizwa Fort

Located in Nizwa, Oman, the Nizwa Fort is a national monument in the country that is most visited by tourists during the peak season. Although its initial structure was laid in the 12th century, the fort was built in the 1650s, and still remains intact to this day.

It is an attractive tourist destination due to its stunning Omani architectural ingenuity which includes maze-like rooms, false doors, high-ceilinged halls, secret shafts, pitfalls, and more. Cannons are also set at the gates along with gun points, watchpoints, etc. to encounter any battle.

Adventurous and enthusiastic tourists will enjoy this tour the most as it reflects the glory days of battles and wars.

National Museum of Oman

While visiting a country, many tourists like to learn about its history, culture, tradition, and heritage. The best way to do it on a short trip is to visit the national museum. While touring in Oman, you may consider keeping the National Museum of Oman visiting plan at the beginning of your trip as it is located right in the capital city, Muskat.

The National Museum is one of the popular tourist attractions in Oman because it highlights the rich heritage of the nation and shows its transition to the modern era. It is well organized and features excellent displays to give the visitors an insight into Oman's achievements. The Sultan’s Palace is located opposite the museum, so it will be a bonus for your trip to the monument.

Mutrah Souq

Although Mutrah Souq is one of the ancient marketplaces in the entire Arab world, today it is loved by the tourists not only due to its historical significance but also for its impressive collection of goods. In fact, this is a piece of heaven on earth for shopaholics as the market offers pretty much every daily-use to luxury items. For collectors, this is a must-visit location during the Oman trip as the market has rare and exquisite antique pieces from all around the globe. Foodies will also find Mutrah Souq perfect for their palate, thanks to its diverse range of traditional delicacies.

To return home with souvenirs that will awestruck the beholder, you can also opt for incense burners, wicker goods, pottery items, jewelry, scarves, baskets, Kummahs, etc. depending on your budget.