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Ras al Jinz

Ras al Jinz is a divine place to visit. It is the home of reserve turtles that are protected and well preserved here. The latest statistic says that more than 20,000 eggs are laid here by the female turtles. Also, near the turtle beach travelers can visit other remarkable locations, including Ras al Hadd Castle, Ras Al Jinz museum, and Ras al Jinz beach. Booking must be made before visiting Ras al Jinz because it is a govt. protected area, and they only allow 200 people in the evening and 100 people in the morning.

Ras al Jinz is situated on the outskirt of the country, so traveling there might take a long time. To get there, transports like bus and taxi services are available. The journey will take the 4-6 hours maximum.