Oman Tours

Wahiba Sands

A couple of hours drive from Muscat, in the northern part of Oman, desert travelers will find a vast sprawling desert where they will perceive some dunes higher than 100 meters. Walking in the Wahiba Sands desert is more thrilling than hiking in Norway. Yes, the heat might be over the limit but surrounded by all the yellow dunes, walking in the sands will ensure a mesmerizing experience.

To make the Wahiba sands journey more exciting, travelers can take a ride on camels or hire a car to drive around the area. Lucky travelers will even come across compact zones where they will see scattered houses built by the tribal people of Oman.

For getting around the Wahiba Sands, self-driving is the best option. Besides, if the traveler plans to spend the night in the desert, then it would be a better idea to join a trip that includes the night staying facilities.